Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!  Visit my booth (#113) at the Mineral Point (WI) Crazy Franks Indoor Flea Market for a wonderful selection of vintage and handmade . . . warm vintage-inspired slouchy hats (if you need one, visit soon, they'll be leaving by the end of the month), vintage cake pan (lovely red/red-orange color, a bright pop of color for your kitchen!), vintage mason jar (pints and quarts available) soap dispensers, mason jar candle holders, mason jar vases, vintage-inspired kitchen towels (rooster and pig feed!), everyone's favorite crocheted dishcloths in perfect vintage colors, crystal, vases, pottery, milk crate, rustic pail with red handle, and much more!

Romantic, vintage cookie cutter/ cookie mold hanging pieces, lovely to give as a gift or take home to add to your decor! 

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