Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hurray for snow!

SNOW!  The first STICKING snow of the season!  Yay!  Yep, if you live in WI, you might as well be excited about things like snow and cold and short days and wind chills and ice and frozen pipes and frostbite and . . . .  Okay, maybe not all of that!  Regardless, we were thrilled to see the snow actually staying on the ground today with more expected tonight.  We certainly aren't getting the nearly 2 feet of snow some places in northern WI received over the weekend, but this is a good start.

Along with snow today came venison for supper (with stuffing, rice, steamed cabbage & carrots).  Mmm, another first of the season!  Thanks honey for providing meat for the table!

That's Trouble, our top rooster in the pic, he's coming out of the hen house and heading to the greenhouse (can you say "spoiled chickens"?)!  The greenhouse (aka the Bubble) isn't heated, but does get warm with the sun and keeps the wind and snow/rain off the chickens so they can enjoy their day.  They love it, especially in winter!

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